Consistency, does it really pay off?

Simply put, YES!  Consistency really does pay off.  You may ask, what can I expect if I am consistent? Will it help me gain more followers? People, in this case your blog readers will come to recognize that your continually posting relevant information that they can use or that their interested in reading.

Consistency of the topics you write about will also help.  If you are posting on how to cook the perfect egg and the next day post about wind mills for electric power you are going to loss out.  If your blog is about food then niche it down if possible, are you mostly baking, or maybe it’s soups.  Once you have a focus, a primary niche do your best to stick with it. You can then make a “Miscellaneous” category if you must and put your various ramblings in their.  Keep in mind that category should be used in a ratio of let’s say 1 to 5 niche posts.  Don’t go over board, besides you can always start another blog for your other interests.

Consistency in your blog posting schedule, content and branding is what I’m talking about.  So what are the benefits for this consistency?

Benefits of Consistency

  • Trust of your readers
  • Building rapport
  • Regular traffic
  • Proving yourself an “Authority”

I’m sure there are more ways that you will benefit from consistency and the more you do it the more they will be apparent to you.  This consistency will create in you a habit that will become powerful and help propel your blog and you to the next level.

What benefits do you think consistency will create?




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